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Take a moment and enter to be 1 of 5 selected and gifted one of our fabulous waterproof lipstick brands from our collections. You must follow the pre-qualification rules. Post rules are very simple character requests. 


Winners will be selected, notified, and posted on our website.

Good Luck!!


Pre-qualifications (click each link)

  • Signup for our Blue Society list

  • Like this post and follow us on Facebook   harmonybluecosmetics

  • Like this post and follow us on Instagram @harmonybluecosmetics


Post winners requests

  • Be kinder to others

  • Enjoy life and love effortlessly

  • Love yourself wholeheartedly

  • Think twice before you react

  • Enjoy your gifted lippie

  • Post your review on our website

I am kinder...

Thank you for submission!  Good Luck

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