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What's your Lip Therapy Routine?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Do you take the time to treat your lips to a little therapy after a long day covered in colors? Even more so, with the current pandemic of COVID-19 and constant use of facemasks, protecting your lips from drying and cracking is important in this long-term process of face coverings and deprived moisture. It is so easy to incorporate a simple daily routine that will nourish your lips and replenish its moisture back to a smooth and healthy balance.

A great way to begin would be to indulge your lips in our Lip Mask Cream that will treat your lips with the attention needed to bring them back to life overnight. Imagine waking up to, supple, plump lips, rehydrated all while you were sleeping. Start by cleansing away the days lip color with your choice of gentle remover, pat dry and detach the applicator to apply a layer of lip mask to your lips. You will enjoy the lightweight of our lip mask and find that maintaining a nightly routine will enhance the rehydration of your lips to be ready for a new day of bold and vibrant lipstick.


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